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Biohazard is now OPEN!


One of you was lured here by the eccentric Dr. Hope, a brilliant but strange bio-scientist with a reputation for stopping at nothing to develop his new, alarming gene therapies. It was whispered that he secretly used human subjects that had not agreed to be guinea pigs.  Arriving at the conference he invited you to, you are subdued and brought to his laboratory to be his latest subject.

The rest of you are colleagues who have learned of your friend's disappearance, and have located Dr. Hope's bio lab.  You are about to enter that laboratory, where you will find the door sealed behind you  and that you have one hour to locate and free your friend, and to escape the room before your he--and all of you--are subject to the potentially deadly mist that will fill the room and alter your genes in ways we can only imagine.

Maximum number of players: 8

  • No children under 13
  • Minimum 2 adults per room
  • MAXIMUM 2 children per booking
  • Minimum 4 players per booking
  • One adult player per booking must agree to be separated from the group for a period of time at the start.

Lost Treasure of Captain Lawrence

As career treasure hunters, you set your sights five years ago on the prize of all prizes, The Lost Treasure of Captain Lawrence. Rumored to be worth more than a billion in today’s dollars, it disappeared with the good pirate captain when he, his crew and his vessel were lost in a vicious storm at sea. Legend also has it that the treasure is protected by a curse, one which could be fatal.

From the scantest clues, you have found the wreckage.  You are about to enter the only remaining intact cabin, the only place the treasure could be if it really exists.  But beware: the curse makes it clear that once you enter, the door will seal behind you.  You have only one hour to enter the cabin, locate the booty, and escape the cabin.  Should you fail, Neptune himself will rise up and drag you forever into the endless depths of the ocean.

Maximum number of players: 8

Wrongfully Accused

Your partner in your private investigations business was brutally murdered last night, and word has reached you that you are the police department’s prime suspect.  They have a theory that  a business dispute was the motive.  The victim had been your close friend since childhood. You obviously didn’t do it.

Your partner was killed near  the Stamford office; police have sealed it until their CSIs crawl all over it.  The office is crammed with clues, but time is working against you.  They are due to arrive in exactly sixty minutes.

You have one hour to search the office and find evidence that will clear your good name. But if you’re still here when the cops arrive, all bets are off.

Maximum number of players: 6

About Us

First and foremost, we exist for the entertainment of our customers. Our commitment is to keep our puzzle rooms fresh, challenging and exciting. And, candidly, to do so at a profit. We like to eat.

Right behind our customers, without whom we would have no mission, is the local non-profit community. If customers form the heart of our business, high-quality non-profits doing vital work in the community will form our soul. We are utterly committed to do everything we can to provide a sustainable source of non-profit revenue, and to direct that revenue to predominately youth-serving causes in the area. We do not see this as "giving back." For us, it is simply a welcome responsibility.


Closed Mondays
Tuesday thru Friday, 2PM to 10PM
Saturday & Sunday, 10AM to 10PM
Call for bookings during any times we are closed.
We will open and accomodate you if we can.


Am I going to be scared?
No. Our scenarios say that you are locked in the rooms, but in reality you can leave any time through the door you entered. Nothing happens that is frightening or claustrophobic. But in the interest of full disclosure: if you are frightened at the prospect of locking up your smart phone for an hour then, yes, our rooms are terrifying!

Who is this game suited for?
Almost anyone. Our games are geared toward creative problem-solvers who love a good challenge. Please note that anyone under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Regretfully, we must firmly state that there are no exceptions to this rule. If you are older than infinity, please give us a call as we’d love to accommodate your request.

What are your hours?
We are closed on Mondays
We're open Tuesday thru Friday, 2PM to 10PM
and Saturday & Sunday, 10AM to 10PM
Call for bookings during any times we are closed.
We will open and accomodate you if we can.

How much does it cost to play?
For players 17 years of age and younger, $25 per player*
For players 18 years of age and older, $30 per player*

*above pricing does not include tax

How many players can play together?
The maximum number of players for Wrongfully Accused is 6.
The maximum number of players for Lost Treasure of Captain Lawrence is 8.
The maximum number of players for Biohazard is also 8.

The number is set both to correspond with the size of the room and to ensure there is plenty to engage all players. If your group is smaller than the number of players allow, you may be joined by others who sign up for the same room at the same time. If you want to ensure that you have exclusive use of a room, just book for the maximum number of players. Although most people believe that playing with strangers would be weird (and are thus willing to pay a higher cost per player), playing with people you’ve never met before usually winds up being strangely enjoyable.

Will we be playing with strangers?
Oh, come on. Didn’t you read the last answer?

Can we have more players than your ranges allow?
Maybe, but we’d need a discussion with you. Because the ranges are set to maximize the playing experience, we’d need to ensure that you understand before you get here that the higher number of players could impact your enjoyment. But if you are all first-timers or occasional players, we certainly might allow an extra player or two. We cannot allow a room to be overcrowded under any circumstances.

What if we get stuck on a clue?
That’s why we have devised our breakthrough Player-Assistance Protocol, also known as Hints. Each game will allow a set number of hints, which you will request simply by saying aloud, “We need a hint.” Escaping the room with no more than the maximum number of hints makes you eligible for the Leader Board. If you don’t care about the LB, you may have unlimited hints.

Am I going to be scared?
Wow. You already asked that. No!

What is your cancellation policy?
Please see the policy in effect when booking on our site. Our default policy is there are no refunds, but we will of course try to work with you whenever possible. The earlier you can notify us the better the chance that we will be able to offer a credit for you to play at a later date. Cancellations in the final 24 hours will not be eligible for credit.

Can I book large groups such as for corporate team-building?
Heck yeah. The more the merrier. Just give us a call to work out a schedule and event pricing.

Am I going to be scared?
No. But keep asking. Just keep asking.

What else should we know?

We recommend you limit or delay your ingestion of alcohol or other intoxicants until after you’ve played. For the most part, you want your full wits about you. Consumption on the premises is prohibited.

We reserve the right to unilaterally interrupt and/or end play and require the exit of anyone deemed to be a danger to himself or to others; if he/she is believed to be intoxicated; or if players are causing damage to the room.

Please arrive a full 15 minutes before your game time. You will need time to use the facilities, get introduced to the game you’ll be playing along with some house rules, and to get yourself into that Zen space that resolves all problems. Plus, if you’re late, it may cost you playing time. This policy is not meant to punish; it’s necessary because it takes time to restore the room to playing condition, and the next people deserve an on-time start. Don’t you wish your doctor had the same policy?

Our Location

DeadLocked Escape Rooms
1000 Hope Street
Stamford, CT 06907
ph. 203.298.4644


Closed Mondays
Tuesday thru Friday, 2PM to 10PM
Saturday & Sunday, 10AM to 10PM
Call for bookings during any times we are closed.
We will open and accomodate you if we can.

Contact Us

ph. 203.298.4644